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Show Date: Thursday, April 25th
Show Time: 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Ken Van Liew

Author, educator, engineer and one of Manhattan’s most successful Real Estate experts, Ken Van Liew has garnered international praise for his work in various facets of the building trade. Over the years, Ken has managed the syndication and development of numerous high-profile real estate developments totaling more than $1.2 billion dollars in capital investment. Ken holds Master Degrees in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and in Real Estate Development from New York University. In addition, he has lectured at the Real Estate Institute, New York University and College of Engineering, Rutgers University.

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Show Date: Tuesday, April 30th
Show Time: 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers is a ten-time, heavyweight bodybuilding champion, author, entrepreneur, actor, model and founder of the Lauren Powers Classic & now Powers Fitness Events which represents Team USA—a respected fitness competition in Southern California that rewards success based on merit, not economics. Lauren is a teacher, mentor, and advocate for individual achievement and excellence. Lauren is a recent award-winning International Speaker in cinema and media from the Women of Excellence.

Lauren is also a SAG actress and no stranger to Hollywood. She has been featured in numerous films, documentaries, and television productions: E! Botched, “Botched by Nature,” “Good Work” “Post-op w/ Heather Dubrow” “E! True Hollywood,” HBO’s “Arliss” & “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, TLC ‘s “My Strange Addiction” BBC’s Documentary, FOX Documentary, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, MTV Documentary, WE Channel’s “Amazon Women, Spike TV’s “A Thousand Ways to Die” “Generation Iron” and opened NBC’s iHeartRadio Music Awards show with Nick Jonas, Jennifer Hudson & Iggy Azalea. & Jamie Foxx.

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Show Date: Thursday, May 2nd
Show Time: 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Tim Ray

Known as the “Conscious Voice of the South,” Tim is an award-winning international, paradigm-shifting, no “bs”, truth-seeker. After spending many years working tireless hours and going about the everyday shuffle Tim eventually hit a crossroad, he was either going to bury his head in the sand or shift the mindset of people across the globe. Tim was tired of “toxic media” bombarding the world with negativity, he knew that he would have to light a torch and gather an army of people who believe in the power of their intentions. So, in 2009 he founded the United Intentions Foundation & the UI Media Network, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to assist others in learning how to transform worrisome thoughts into positive intentions. Tim’s passion for consciousness spreads far and wide, with his children’s education program the Imagine If… program & his conscious radio network that reaches millions! Ray’s mission is to spread the good word while waking people up to the power of their intentions.

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Show Date: Thursday, May 16th
Show Time: 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Bart Smith

With nearly three decades of experience in a diverse number of arenas, Bart offers contemporary ideas and how-to’s to get anyone started tackling today’s challenges whether it’s a new venture, clearing your mind of the clutter so you can focus on what’s important to you, finding your soul mate, investing in the future of cryptocurrency, improve your networking skills to meet new people, to Bart’s own tempting yet healthy recipes that have aroused the palates of many. As an author of over 15 books, multiple writers, published and unpublished, have also turned to Bart for help whether it be for his book writing, ideas, website strategies or marketing expertise.

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Show Date: Thursday, May 23rd
Show Time: 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Angel Iscovich

Conventional wisdom suggests the best way to navigate our noisy new world is to accept change: Open up to novelty. Go with the flow. Embrace the relentless pelting of content minute by minute. Dr. I. is here to say this is not the best way to journey through our lives — and in fact may go against our very nature.

Dr. Angel Isovich (aka Dr. “I”) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to survivors from World War II. Dr. I grew up in the shadow of this devastating conflict. Though he and family struggled with little to call their own, he immigrated to the US where he graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Puget Sound before matriculating to the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and obtaining his post graduate training in Psychiatry. His interest in leadership, organizational development, and strategy led him to C-suite positions in the corporate health care sector, as well as chairing Direct Relief, the top-rated charity in the US. Such broad experience affords Dr. I with a unique view into human behavior, aiding in his continual search for meaning and purpose in our lives, the subject of his new book: “Routineology: the Lost Art and Science of Routine."

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